The Dirty Little Secret Behind Kid’s Toothpaste

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Soooooo I’m trying to get more organized in various important areas of my life because I tend to be last minute…like a mug. Now don’t get me wrong, I can deliver all the same but naturally I am a procrastinator. It’s a way of life that not everybody can manage. If you need to be one of those timely individuals we procrastinators are not judging you too harshly. So don’t worry! You need not be ashamed! :-/ (See what I did there?! All my procrastinators, can I get an AMEN?! Making us feel bad for being last minute, a dollar short, and a little high strung in the final hour!)

On a serious note I AM working on it. Not today though, I will look into it tomorrow! (And all my procrastinators said…..AMEN!)

Well this morning my keen procrastinating skills got the best of me in a rather peculiar way. I got up at 5am per my usual morning routine and somehow 2.5 hours slipped on by and I still hadn’t made breakfast, woke Jai up, packed our lunches or got our clothes together so then I’m RUSHING! I still don’t really know what I was doing or why. Some kind of way I ended up going through some old photos of Jai as a baby and reminiscing on the good old days. (*Adds ‘easily distracted’ to the list of things I need to work on…later though.) As I was rushing to do the “Essentials” hygiene routine I accidentally used Jai’s Kids Colgate toothpaste with the superheroes on it.

AND THAT is what this post is all about.

First of all it was nasty as all get out. No wonder I have to darn near put my son on punishment every day to get him to brush his teeth! Second of all, my teeth didn’t feel clean at all when I was done. No hint of mint or nothing. I know they’re supposed to put a reduced amount of Fluoride in kids toothpaste but DANG! I was appalled by the experience and I have been self-conscious all day. Covering my face when I talk and everything. I kept licking my teeth hoping it would get better. I finally broke just down and bought a mini tooth brush/tooth paste set on my lunch break and went to town!

I said all of that to say…

Today’s Confession: I need to pay more attention to my child’s dental hygiene!

So parents if you haven’t done so yet, taste your child’s toothpaste. You might be surprised at what you discover! I did some research and Tom’s of Maine Natural Children’s Toothpaste with Fluoride has great reviews and I’ve used it (intentionally) once before. We are headed to Target TONIGHT to right this wrong in my household!


Stay wonderful! 🙂

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