Thank You for the Strength to Leave Our Brokenness


For anyone who has ever been left…Even you.

And the courage–however it came to you.

For freeing me from a bondage I didn’t have sense enough to run away from.

For the opportunity to start over

And another chance to find the real thing

For a peace I didn’t realize I needed…even though it took a while

For a clarity I could’ve never gained in the midst of “us”

For the honesty to say that I wasn’t what you wanted and you aren’t what I need

For a sober point of reference

For showing me that I could get out of this without dying—because you didn’t.

For inspiring me to seek more for myself than what we had

For the maturity I needed so that I can hold on to something better later

For releasing me to my destiny

For challenging me to dig deeper to find and understand more of myself

For being a lesson when I desperately wanted to make it my life

For unwasted time in my present and my future

For making room for greater

For killing my option to settle when I needed to move on

For taking your brokenness with you and revealing mine

For the motivation to get healthier in my emotions.

For ending a sick and painful cycle.

For not giving me the chance to make the wrong choice in the same place…again.

For leaving when I didn’t have the strength.

And I can’t even be mad because you’re showing me that I should just be grateful.

So thank you.

Stay Wonderful!

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