Don’t Let Your Kids Drive You Crazy Over Winter Break: 20 Things to Do in Kansas City That Won’t Break Your Budget

See, this is what I'm talking about...they will take you "there" if left to their own devices!

See, this is what I’m talking about…they will take you “there” if left to their own devices!

Parents, it’s THAT time of year again! The one where the sleigh bells glisten and tiny lights twinkle in the night. The air is fresh with a crisp scent of evergreens and hot chocolate….SIKE…sort of! While, I hate to break up the Christmas nostalgia, y’all know I am all about keeping it real! The truth is, for us working parents it’s a hassle trying to figure out what in the world we are going do with our children while we do our best to salvage personal days and vacation time on our jobs! Even if you ARE able to take off for two whole weeks, or if you happen to be a stay at home parent, you may even cringe at the idea of being cooped up in the house with your children for 14 straight days. YIKES! It’s too chilly to send them outside to play, too monotonous to sit them in front of the tv all day, and taxing to expect to you to play with them all day! What to do? What to do?!


The good news is that I have a few (make that 20) cost efficient, budget friendly, fun, diverse solutions for all my Kansas City parents. Sorry Non-Kansas-Citians, I love y’all but you understand, right? Anyway, enjoy my son A LOT more when we are spending time together in fun and creative (and cheap) ways. So here you! Some of these activities and deals are time sensitive so be sure to read the fine print. By “fine print,” I mean the words that are not bolded or hyperlinked. 🙂


1. Spend $10 in tokens at Chuck E Cheese

Most slept on activity ever. People think they have to spend $50 to have a good time at Chuck E Cheese! WRONG! We eat at home, spend $10 in tokens, play for hour (I secretly start spending Jai’s token when I start feeling like I’m ready to go. I earn a good amount of tickets so it balances out in the end!) We cash in our tickets, and go home! Fun is had, super-child-like-energy is depleted. Everybody wins! Find a Chuck E Cheese near you!


2. Negro League Baseball Museum

Still need to deplete some of that super-child-like-energy? Why not go a walk in a VERY cool place, with very cool things to look at and interactive displays? We LOVE the Negro League Baseball Museum! Bonus: it’s located in the 18th and Vine Jazz district, where the food lives up to the excellence of the music!


3. Legoland and Sea Life

You know how hard it is to catch a discount/special at Legoland and/or Sea Life Aquarium?! Of course you do! Then you know how AWESOME it is that they are currently running a buy one adult ticket, get a free child’s ticket special until 12/25/15! Click here for more information!


4. Wonderscope Children’s Museum of Kansas City

It’s a whole WONDERland of stuff-to-do for the little people. In addition to the WONDERful activities they offer on a daily basis they will be having a special Christmas story time on Wednesday, December 23rd from 10:30a-11:30a with a special holiday craft immediately after. More information on this exciting activity!


5. Kaleidoscope

This place is just GREAT in general! First of all it’s $FREE.99! They have ALL kinds of crafts and every paint, fuzzy stick, marker, paper, squiggly thing you can think of to keep your children entertained! Our favorite thing to do? Turn our art work into handmade puzzles in the Kaleidoscope puzzle maker! Be sure to make an appointment, as slots fill up fast over the holiday breaks!


6. Paradise Park

They have LOTS of indoor activities for children of all ages and stages including a children’s edutainment center, bumper cars, arcades games, and more! Right now they are running some pretty great holiday deals! You can check them out here!


7. Public Library Holiday Craft

If you know me, you know I am STRONG advocate for the public library! They ALWAYS free activities, like reading books J. They don’t stop there though, you can check out their calendar for more programs! On Wednesday, December 23rd at 10:30am they will also be doing FREE holiday crafts building Ginger Bread Houses. Click here to RSVP!


8. Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium at Union Station

This is a great way to sneak some astrology into fun and exploration! Right now through January 3rd they are running some holidays shows along with their shows on constellations and even dinosaurs! It’s awesome and rare experience to see the stars (or holiday lights) in the big city like KC!


9. Regnier Extreme Screen Theater

This awesome theater is located in Union Station and offers 2D and 3D movie screenings. The 2D are little cheaper though! Right now they are showing the EPIC Star Wars Episde VII: The Force Awakens!! Everyday they have 12:30p show and tickets are only $5.00 (in 2D)! Can’t be that in 2015! You can purchase tickets here!


  1. Aaron’s Family Fun Center Bowling Alley

You know what I love about bowling with kids? They put those blockers up and they score every time! It’s hilarious and lots of fun for them! You know what I love about Aaron’s Family Fun Center? Right now, they are offering $10 off $20 Open Bowling Certificate for getting on their email list serve and you can put that $20 towards bowling AND snacks! Can’t beat that in 2015 either! Aaron’s Family Fun Center Open Bowling Hours!


  1. Crown Center Ice Terrace Ice-Skating Rink

I’m not going to lie. This is something I prefer to do by myself. I love to ice skate but my Wonder Jai, he enjoys, he’s just not that good at it. So I spend the whole time fumbling around the ice with him. He’s getting better though! Whether you take the kids, go on a date, or make it a girls night ice-skating is great way to get your cardio in while having a good time! Plus the prices are SUPER reasonable! And on Tuesdays it’s BOGO! #FortheWin


  1. Science City Museum at Union Station

It’s a museum that feels more like a playground! There are SO many fun and wonderful things to do! Our favorite thing: digging for dinosaur bones! Jai really got a kick out of that…then he tried to convince me to let him dig up the ENTIRE area behind my apartment! NO SIR! I wanted to support his archeological dreams as much as any good mother, but I wasn’t about to get put out or fined! Anyway, it awesome! Lots AND LOTS to see and do! Purchase tickets here!


  1. Roeland Park Aquatic Center Snowman Splash Bash

Get your swim gear together, and get ready for some winter fun! Wait…what? That’s right, on Wednesday, December 23rd from 10:00a to 1:00p join the Roeland Park Aquatic Center for some fun and tasty winter activities, lunch, and then a dip in the pool! Everything is included for just $7!


  1. I-49 Fun Center Indoor Inflatables playground

No better way to spend some super-child-like-energy than to let the kids JUMP IT OUT! They let the parents join in the fun too, if you’re tying to burn off all those Christmas calories! They have great prices and EXCELLENT deals. See below!

Regular admission: 3 and up – $8

Early bird: Mon,Tue & Thursday- Saturday Arrive before 10:00 and admission is only $6,
2 and under – Free with a paid sibling or $6.00
Adults that are going to play on equipment – $2.00


  1. Urban Air Indoor Trampoline Park

More jumping fun at Urban Air! If inflatable aren’t your thing or if you have older children with a greater reservoir of super-child-like-energy then you definitely want to try Urban Air! If the 6 trampoline attractions don’t tickle your fancy (or above your price range) take the kids for unlimited play in the in door playground for just $10. You can also access a special holiday coupon for groups 4 by clicking here.


  1. Skate City Roller Rink

Skating is always a fun activity! Of course, I love to skate and Jai loves it too even though he mainly just fumbles around the rink! Good news is that since we have been going more he is getting a lot better which makes my time there A LOT more enjoyable! Check out one of Skate City’s 3 Kansas City locations. Here is a list of their schedules and pricing!


  1. Story Time at the Learning Tree

The Learning Tree isn’t just COOLEST toy store EVER, it’s also a great place to take the kiddos for interactive story times and other great events! Miss De De, the Learning Tree storyteller, will be sharing a special holiday story along with some fun things for your children to do on December 30th beginning at 10:30a! Find out more about it here!


  1. Indoor Swim

My kid does not care what time of year it is, he is always DOWN for swimming! Last summer his dad him to swim and that was THAT! If you’re like him, you’ll to get the water all year too! Not me,! I’m land mammal between September and June. But I have to admit, swimming is exhausting for children and cheap for me! And for that, I am grateful! Here is a list of affordable indoor swimming facilities in the Kansas City area.


  1. Paint, Glaze and Fire Creations Craft Studio and Coffee Shop

Let your inner artist shine! To be honest we haven’t been to this place yet (because I just discovered it) but we will be making our way over there next week! I LOVE crafts so I’m super excited! They specialize in ceramics, canvas paintings, and glass fusion! Out of their kindness of their hearts and the savvy-ness of their business intuition they run ½ price studio specials during all the school breaks which makes crafting fun, easy, and most importantly CHEAP! Check out more info on their daily specials here!


  1. Take them out to lunch

If you didn’t already know! I. LOVE. FOOD! Seriously, I put that in my bio and everything! Filling their little bellies is another great way to spend an hour or so, just to break up the monotony of the day and get them out of the house for a while!! Check out this EXTREMELY comprehensive guide to “kids eat free” in Kansas City!


Have a great holiday break! Enjoy your children!

Most of all Stay WONDERful! 🙂

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