Disney World the WONDERful Way…With a Few Tips and Tricks


I really believe that you have to enjoy things on purpose!

Kids are no different! If you want to enjoy being a parent you have to do it intentionally! Otherwise you will get caught up in only responding to the demands parenting places on you and you will miss the opportunity to LOVE doing it!

And if you miss it, that doesn’t mean you are a bad parent or that you don’t love your kids. It’s really just a missed opportunity to have a WONDERful experience in one of the biggest areas of your life.

So I enjoy Jai on purpose! In general, my favorite thing to do with my Wonder Jai is to “go places” (his words, not mine.)


Because. First of all,  I like to go places! Second of all, Jai doesn’t seem to enjoy laying on the couch and having a conversation (things I naturally like to do). Third of all,I hate playing trains and make believing with super hero action figures. (I don’t think I’m supposed to say that because I’m a “Wonder Mom” *Kanye Shrugs*)

Oh well! I love my son! He is the biggest blessing (barring Jesus) that I have ever received this side of GLORAY!

The short answer, though, is that it’s easier for me to enjoy our time together when we do things that we BOTH like to do! That doesn’t mean I drag him to a bunch of grown people places and wonder why we aren’t having fun together…just to be clear.

We’ve been soooo many places! And both of us have some great memories! Jai loves to go back and show his “friends” (when you’re 6 you have a very fluid definition of the word “friend”) pictures of all the adventures he’s been on and I love that he loves that!

Here is a look into our adventurous world where Wonder Nay and Wonder Jai set out to laugh and love things the best way we know how: WITH EACH OTHER!

I decided to show you all pictures of our trip to Disney World first because (1) I’ve wanted to go there since I was little girl–I was just about in tears when I met Mickey Mouse! THE REAL FLIPPIN MICKEY MOUSE! His mouth moves when he talks and everything! (2) It’s the biggest adventure we’ve ever been on! (3) IT WAS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

Forget the Bahamas with my friends or Vegas with my Sorority Sisters (ok–not “forget” those things but let’s put them to the side) Disney World really is the Happiest Place on Earth! By far my funnest vacation EVER!

AND before you think I was ballin’ out…MOST of this trip was covered by my friend/Sorority Sister, Brittany who had some frequent flyer miles, hotel rewards, and a rental car through her job! I still don’t have the words to thank her for making this trip possible for us!

Anyway, the rest of our adventures will be A LOT more financially feasible (unless of course the Lord’s sees fit to bless us with another amazing vacation *winks a Jesus*)!

HERE GOES…The Amazing Adventures of Wonder Nay and Wonder Jai- Episode 1

First Stop Downtown Disney Lego store! Absolutely awesome! Jai had THE BEST time building and racing lego cars! It’s a crowded little place but there is plenty of fun to go around! Jai would’ve spent the whole evening there if I would’ve let him!

2770  2771

2772  2776

2775  2775

2781  2782


We stopped by a Dance Party on our way to dinner! It was a blast! I made a fool myself and enjoyed every minute of it! And because I love yall…I posted some low quality videos of it! 🙂

That night we went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney! PLEASE hear me! Do NOT spend your hard earned money in that place unless of course you like bad service, high prices, and mediocre (at best) food! The atmosphere is nice though!

2789  2788

2787  2786

Next Stop: Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s! This was so awesome for me! It brought some of my favorite childhood movies to life! Star War’s, Toy Story, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids Were some of my fave moments here! Oh yea–Jai had a good time too! He was SO proud of himself for getting on Tower of Terror (which really is scary by the way! Riding it once in a lifetime was enough for me!) AND the high speed car stunt show was AWESOME! We were like :-O!


2807  2805

2802  2801

2799 2798

  2796  2825

2791  2790

We went to Giordano’s for dinner! And be still my heart! I love me some Giordano’s deep dish pizza! Unfortunately I only thought to take pictures of Jai and the guitar that he got from the balloon artist who works there!

2813  2812

The next day we went to Magic Kingdom! It was exactly the way they show it on tv–only better! There is so much to see and do! I would have to say that my favorite part was the day time parade and the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Factory! Make sure you get there early, the opening performance to the park really sets the day off–or maybe that’s just me! LOL! Can you tell I had fun?!

2818 2814

2815  2820

2823  2821

2830  2826

2832  2831

2824  2833

2860  2859

2836  2837

2838  2839

2843  2841

2846  2847

2852  2850

2858  2867

We went to dinner at The Crystal Palace inside Magic Kingdom..another place you should not spend your hard earned money! I thought it would be fun to eat with Winnie the Pooh and friends but honestly they just pose for a picture and dip out, the food is terrible, and it’s highly over priced. After dinner we chatted with a family that held Season Passes to the Disney World. They informed me that the Character Dining is terrible at pretty much all of the locations. *However, if you have a daughter, I hear that the experience at Cinderella’s Castle is a lot better but it’s also HARD to get a reservation. If you want to know how see the Tips and Tricks #6 below!

2872  2871


After that we went to the evening parade, light show, and fire works! It was AWESOME! But getting out of the park that late (12am) was a real pain in the butt and we almost missed our shuttle back to the hotel! I didn’t take a lot pictures of it because I felt like I couldn’t really capture the moment like I wanted to in the dark!

2875  2874


On our last day there, we took a little drive (about 1 hr and 15 min) to Cocoa Beach! It was HOT! But I wanted Jai to see the ocean and he had a lot of fun playing in the sand and jumping over the waves!

2878  2877

2881   2883

Last but CERTAINLY not least, we stopped by BJ’s before we got back on the plane to come to home. The food is really good. BUT the real reason why you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SHOULD stop whatever you are doing and make plans to get to a BJ’s near you is a little something called a Pizzookie! (Which I just, this moment, realized is a combination of the words “pizza” and “cookie”!)

If you’ve never had one, trust me! It’s like nothing you’ve ever eaten! Think Cookie Brownie…only gooey and hot and a LITTLE crispy on the edges and awesome and perfect AND it had ice cream on top!

Thank me later!


Here are few more TIPS and TRICKS to know about going to Disney World:

(1) Stay in a hotel that serves breakfast and dinner. Unless you are saving a ton at a hotel that doesn’t serve breakfast and dinner it’s worth the money to save on 2 meals a day! I recommend Staybridge Suites! They were awesome! They serve breakfast everyday and dinner on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! (There are other that serve dinner so just check around!) Pretty much all the hotels in that area have shuttles to the Disney Parks so you don’t have to worry about that.

(2) If you can, go while school is in session! Why? Because everyone else is at school, Silly! You always hear people complain about the lines at Disney World. Not us! Even though it was still crowded, we never had to wait in line longer than 15 minutes! We got to ride everything we wanted to ride AND we had really good seats at every show!

(3) Don’t sleep on the Fast Pass! It is a free service with your admission to the Disney Parks. Basically it helps you to make reservations for rides. They allow you to make up to 3 fast pass selections per day so don’t waste them on unpopular rides. Make sure your entire party has the SAME fast pass reservation though! You can’t get your friends in without a reservation. This ain’t the club and you’re not cool with the bouncer! 🙂

(3) They don’t care if you bring outside food in the parks. I wouldn’t flaunt it all around but they are not checking for that when you go through security. So, if you are trying to save money on eating costs, pack your lunch but keep in mind that it will be hot!

(4) The parade in Magic Kingdom is in the middle of the day. It’s hot denna-mug and there is no shade in the areas that have a good view.

(5) Also, if you want to take a picture with the REAL Mickey Mouse (like me) without waiting in an INSANELY long line make sure you get to Magic Kingdom as soon as they open. Then go see my homie Mickey as soon as you walk in! It’s kind of near the entrance which makes this easier. The line will be SUPER short and then you can get on with the rest of your day in about 15 minutes!

(6) Character Dining (with Cinderella or Winnie and Friends) reservations open up at 7am (Eastern Time) 180 days in advance. If you are serious about wanting to do this do NOT mess around because reservations are booked to capacity within MINUTES! If you wait until 7:05am you will be out of luck.

Since we didn’t visit all 4 Disney parks AND I don’t know EVERYTHING (Shocking, isn’t it!) I have included a few more links for more Disney Tips and Tricks. Here are the most thorough and concise lists of information I could find about it!

Mouse Savers is a well respected one stop shop for all things Disney: http://www.mousesavers.com/advice-tips-and-tricks-for-walt-disney-world-tickets-and-passes


If you don’t like these there are plenty more out there so take your pick!

Stay Wonderful! 🙂

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