Parenting For Your Soul

If Jesus is REALLY a Healer Why Do I Need Counseling?

  #30DaysOfHonestyWithMyself-Day 4   As you may know MUCH of why I started One Parent Wonder was to help young and/or single parents find spiritual wholeness and emotional health so they can live WONDERful lives with their children. Well, today’s confession: I haven’t arrived in that area as much as I would’ve hoped. But I’ve decided that’s ok because I… Read more →

One Parent Wonder Word of the Week: August 30, 2015

“Most people desire wholeness but they seek happiness.” Are You Sure You Want to be Happy?   Sometimes we have a hard time distinguishing between primary and secondary concerns. When we mis-prioritize our time, effort, and attention inevitably we end up with a lot less than we intended: less peace, less joy, and maybe even less money. However, if we… Read more →

OneParentWonder Word of the Week, July 5, 2015

OneParentWonder Word of the Week, July 5, 2015 “Relationships are more important than being right.” -From The S-Word! (Double Yikes!)  Many times in our lives we fight so hard to prove our ‘right-ness’ at the expense of walking away empty and alone. A person who lives like this will have a whole gallery of “right” trophies and no one to admire… Read more →

Next Time You Should Be More Careful About Who You Lay Down With

You know that feeling you get when you know what you’re doing and you’ve got it all figured out? RUN! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. It’s a trap! That’s where I was once I got through my first semester of graduate school! You couldn’t tell me NOTHING! Home girl just KNEW my life was on fleek! #LifeonFleek… Read more →