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Don’t Let Your Kids Drive You Crazy Over Winter Break: 20 Things to Do in Kansas City That Won’t Break Your Budget

Parents, it’s THAT time of year again! The one where the sleigh bells glisten and tiny lights twinkle in the night. The air is fresh with a crisp scent of evergreens and hot chocolate….SIKE…sort of! While, I hate to break up the Christmas nostalgia, y’all know I am all about keeping it real! The truth is, for us working parents… Read more →

8 Millionaire Habits that Make Perfect Sense for Busy Moms on the Come-Up

Not too long ago I came to revolutionary conclusion that has been helping me reshape what I call normal life: I’m tired of being broke. (Deep. Right?)   I’m like sick and tired. Extremely, overwhelming, inconsolably, utterly, completely tired…as hell. Like 100-hour-work-week-tired. Sleep-when-I-die-tired. On-the-highway-at-night-with-the-heat-on-tired. I-watched-the-entire-Roots-series-in-one-sitting-tired. M.A.S.H.-marathon-tired. Am I the only person who can’t stay awake during a full episode of… Read more →

This is ONLY for Parents Who REALLY Want to Help Their Children in School!

I’ve told y’all before that I have some serious self-consciousness issues as a young, single mother without parents. Like all self-consciousness issues, some days I feel like I’m on top of the world: hand me a trophy, build a monument in my likeness, name a library after me because I am darn good mother. Other days I feel more like… Read more →

OneParentWonder Word of the Week, June 14, 2015

OneParentWonder Word of the Week, June 14, 2015   “Our emotions rob us and our children of opportunities and achievement” –From Baby Daddy (Mellow) Drama   Most of the time we focus too much on how our neighbor is “hating on” us rather than looking inward to see how we are “hating on” ourselves…what have your emotions robbed you and… Read more →