A Letter to Our Wonder Readers


Dear Wonder Person,

When my pregnancy test came back positive I thought I had ruined my life. After breaking the news to my family, I was certain that I ruined it. I was young, broke, in school, and without parents. What was I thinking getting pregnant?!

I was desperate for someone to tell me that I was ok, that my child was ok, and that my life wasn’t SUPPOSED to be terrible. Nobody ever said that to me. By the grace of God I was able to muster together the few things I had going for myself and make the most of it! Turns out, my life had only just begun!

I looked around and I found out that in general, few people actually believe that single parent families can have it all! If you don’t believe me, Google the phrase “single parent.” You will find a stock pile of hopeless information. There may be a support group here and there but mostly you will find dependency and desperation.

I want to change the conversation.

One Parent Wonder began as a book to help single mothers go to college. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the women I was trying to reach didn’t have time to read a book. You guys are too busy being Wonder Moms; parenting, taking out the trash, working two jobs, staying up late, getting up early, keeping it all together. And what good is information you can’t access?

Then I realized that living a wonderful life with your kids isn’t really about being educated or having a good job. In fact, I had both of those things but I was still an emotional wreck and my life was…well..less than wonderful! Even though the education and the job were both great things, they didn’t get to the core of what I needed—a change of perspective!

So here we are, on the world wide web! Accessible enough to be read at your leisure and flexible enough to be updated at my mine.

Generally, it’s about my life and my journey towards living it better. Oh! And it’s about my son, Jai. He’s awesome! And let’s not forget that this is about you too!

Buckle up and get ready for a wonderful ride!

Wonderfully Yours,

LaNee` Bridewell