8 Millionaire Habits that Make Perfect Sense for Busy Moms on the Come-Up

More random pictures of me and Jai, because I can..and I want to! (Well, actually it's not THAT random...I'm a busy mom and I'm on the Come-Up!

More random pictures of me and Jai, because I can..and I want to! (Well, actually it’s not THAT random…I’m a busy mom and I’m on the Come-Up!

Not too long ago I came to revolutionary conclusion that has been helping me reshape what I call normal life: I’m tired of being broke. (Deep. Right?)


I’m like sick and tired. Extremely, overwhelming, inconsolably, utterly, completely tired…as hell. Like 100-hour-work-week-tired. Sleep-when-I-die-tired. On-the-highway-at-night-with-the-heat-on-tired. I-watched-the-entire-Roots-series-in-one-sitting-tired. M.A.S.H.-marathon-tired. Am I the only person who can’t stay awake during a full episode of M.A.S.H?


Anyway, just know that I gave being broke it’s fair shot in my life. It wasn’t working out. No more being broke for me. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I decided I QUIT!


I, LaNee Bridewell, do hereby publicly denounce my membership to Broke Phi Broke Fraternity and it’s affiliate organizations including but not limited to: #TheStruggleIsReal #WaitingOnMyRefundCheck #RamenNoodleMealPlan #HeatingTheHouseWithTheStove #Puttin5DollarsAtATimeInTheGasTank the #HighWaterPantsClub and #GluingTheSolesofYourShoesDown.


It is my position that this organizations and its affiliates are no longer benefiting the aforementioned person’s present and future mission and goals. Furthermore, let it be known, that any and all forms of “Brokeness” are banned from residence on or within properties in connection to me and my personal effects, hence forth now and forever more. Amen!


I will let you know when I figure all that out. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple. I jumped on this kick where I was reading all these articles about the habits of millionaires. It worked for Mark Zuckerberg, so it must…be nice for him. I’m still not at point where I can behave like a millionaire in a lot of ways that make sense. That aside, I found out that a lot of millionaires are all about “simplicity” and “efficiency.” Those just happened to be two of the sexiest words that ever fell on a busy mother’s ears. Turns out millionaires and busy moms have a lot in common:

  • Having a lot of responsibilities
  • Not having time to waste
  • Being brilliant multitaskers
  • Managing the affairs of other people

See! Practically twins. Well anyway, some of the stuff I read made perfectly sexy, simply, efficient sense. I started implementing these things in my day-to-day life and even though I’m not prefect at it yet, it’s already paying off. Bonus: These habits are also helping me work towards making my dreams a reality.


(1) Don’t Watch TV. Most millionaires watch little to no television. This actually wasn’t hard for me because I stopped watching television years ago! We waste an ungodly amount of time in front of the tv. I think it’s safe to include social media on the list of things we shouldn’t spend too much time on too. Global market research firm, Nielsen, reports that the average American watches about 5 hours of television a day and according another global researching firm, Ipsos, the average American spends 3-4 hours a day on social media.

This ain’t church so don’t turn to your “nay-bah”! Look in the mirror! And say, “Self! Do better!” You know you’re guilty! (Unless you’re not, then please disregard those last instructions.) The point is, many of us could potentially reclaim 5-6 hours of productivity per day if we just spent less time on social media and watching television. 5-6 hours per day executed productively could revolutionize your sleep schedule, earn you raise or promotion, jump start a small business, and most importantly get you irreplaceable time with your children.


(2) Wake up Early. Like really early. Most millionaires wake up before sunrise. It took some time to train my body not to hate me for doing this but I have been getting up between 4:30am and 5:30am everyday for a while now. My mind is alert. I have time to pray. I’m able to make a plan, think things through, AND I even remember to make and pack a lunch. Those extra hours in the morning really help me to have a more productive and efficient day, which equates to more sleep in the long run (which is almost too much sexy in one sentence.)


(3) Have multiple streams of income. You don’t have to be Russell Simmons to have a lucrative side hustle. I do hair for my friends and family. Now, I’m not out here splitting wigs but I can lay edges and install a mean “Crochet.” I used to tell people “I don’t like doing hair.” and “I don’t have time to do hair.” until I realized I was passing up perfectly good, and useful money, then I was like, “ I got a little time” *in my Sweet Brown voice.


(4) Listen to audio books. This is especially true for those of us who are trying to perfect our crafts, start businesses, and pursue our dreams. I know we don’t have time to read books *Coughs obnoxiously while tripping over Habit #1* but while we are “too busy to read” other people are making the time and are learning, growing and getting better at living out our dreams.

NOT TODAY SATAN! I realized, that even when I cut back on my social media use, I still didn’t have what I felt like was “enough time to read.” Plus, I really don’t have the attention span. Audio books have solved both of those issues for me. And did you know that you can also check out audio books from the library?!


(5) Develop a routine… and get religious about it. I cannot even begin to explain all the benefits of developing a routine. There are too many to tell it all! But just to name a few:

  • Cuts down on stress
  • Keeps you from wasting time
  • Improves your ability to remember necessary things
  • Helps your children do better at home and in school
  • Easier maintenance of chores and daily tasks
  • Improves organization skills
  • Gives you more accurate sense of your time for things like exercising and reading
  • Allows your children to be more helpful because they can anticipate what is next

I could go on. The hardest part is establishing a routine and sticking to it in the beginning! The great thing about it, though, is that once you’ve got it! YOU’VE GOT IT!


(6) Find yourself a mentor. I say this all the time, “If Oprah needs a mentor, so do you!” I have 4 mentors (or coaches) a blogging coach, a business coach, and my pastors, who are basically my life coaches/Spiritual Parents. Even if you aren’t starting a business or going to school, there are women out there who have been living and moving around in the world a lot longer than you and have learned a thing or two about life. You need a mentor/coach for that too. I call mine “Rah! Rah!” because she cheers me on and lets me in on the wisdom she has accumulated over the course of her life! If you don’t have older, more experienced, more successful, more accomplished people imparting wisdom AND CORRECTION into your life, then you are doing yourself a disservice and grossly limiting you’re potential for growth.


(7) Pay close attention to where your money is going. This is simple enough, but honestly for some reason, I struggle with this the most. Waking up early has helped me A LOT though. Every morning, I sit down and check my balance and see what I spent money on the previous day. You would not believe how much just paying attention to where your money is going will change your spending habits—even if you don’t plan to do anything different. Taking a good honest look at where my money goes everyday was just the motivation I needed to start exercising more self control. My budget is still pret-TY tight—but I was even able to quit my second job! Look at THAT!


(8) Wear the same clothes everyday. Stay with me now! I haven’t steered you wrong, yet and I don’t plan to start now! I know this is going to take some “splainin’” so here goes:

First of all, of course not all millionaires do this, just the super geniusy ones who could care less about fashion sense. Namely: Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. I know what you’re thinking, “Of course Steve and Mark doesn’t care whether or not somebody likes their outfits—they can AFFORD to do that. Me—not so much!”

When I first read that, I was thinking the same thing! But then I read his explanation. Basically, he believes it’s a very poor use of time. And when I thought about it, I realized, HE’S RIGHT! How many hours do we waste every week trying to “look cute” at work? Been working on a job 2 years and my cute clothes ain’t (Yes! Ain’t!) caught me a Super Saved Idris Elba Special, got me raise or a promotion yet!

To be clear, I am not suggesting that you go to work looking crazy either. On my job we have work polos. I have 4 of them. Monday thru Thursday, I wear polos and either my navy bottoms or my black bottoms. On Fridays I wear a company t-shirt and some jeans. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! Shaves at least an hour off my day. I realize not everyone can do this so if you are interested in trying this out, instead of thinking of how this won’t work for you, think of alternatives ways that it CAN work for you. I’m not Patty Mayonnaise or Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. I don’t have 15 sets of the exact same clothes, but I do have something I can use as my own personal uniform!


Whatever you decide to do, however you decide to do it, just remember those two little sexy words: Simplicity and Efficiency! I pray they bring you much success and a whole lot of sexy!


Stay Wonderful! 🙂

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