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Disney World the WONDERful Way…With a Few Tips and Tricks

I really believe that you have to enjoy things on purpose! Kids are no different! If you want to enjoy being a parent you have to do it intentionally! Otherwise you will get caught up in only responding to the demands parenting places on you and you will miss the opportunity to LOVE doing it! And if you miss it,… Read more →

Next Time You Should Be More Careful About Who You Lay Down With

You know that feeling you get when you know what you’re doing and you’ve got it all figured out? RUN! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. It’s a trap! That’s where I was once I got through my first semester of graduate school! You couldn’t tell me NOTHING! Home girl just KNEW my life was on fleek! #LifeonFleek… Read more →

OneParentWonder Word of the Week, June 14, 2015

OneParentWonder Word of the Week, June 14, 2015   “Our emotions rob us and our children of opportunities and achievement” –From Baby Daddy (Mellow) Drama   Most of the time we focus too much on how our neighbor is “hating on” us rather than looking inward to see how we are “hating on” ourselves…what have your emotions robbed you and… Read more →