Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down: Uproar Over the Instagram Changes

Instagram update: IG is moving an algorithm formula to determine what appears on users’ timelines rather than continuing to use a chronological order formula.   Translation: It means your Instagram timeline is going to work like your Facebook timeline and just because a person posts something doesn’t mean their followers will see it…and that is BAD for business. Let me… Read more →

Your Hairstyle Shouldn’t Hurt: Big Mamma Wasn’t Right About Everything

Period. For too long stylists, mothers, aunties, and grandmothers have justified unhealthy stress on our scalps due to the fact that some women are “tender headed.” Many of us recall the horror of “wash day” among our childhood memories: combing, brushing, pressing, (burning–you know I’m not lying), head scabs from Just for Me no-lye relaxers, tight braids, “ballies” popping against… Read more →

Don’t Let Your Kids Drive You Crazy Over Winter Break: 20 Things to Do in Kansas City That Won’t Break Your Budget

Parents, it’s THAT time of year again! The one where the sleigh bells glisten and tiny lights twinkle in the night. The air is fresh with a crisp scent of evergreens and hot chocolate….SIKE…sort of! While, I hate to break up the Christmas nostalgia, y’all know I am all about keeping it real! The truth is, for us working parents… Read more →

Don’t Drink Out the Toilet And a Word on Black Women’s Hair

We, black women, love our hair. The story behind why is long and beautifully liberating. I’ll tell you the short version. Allow me a soap box: First of all, let’s acknowledge that in a very broad and overgeneralized way hair is universally important to all women across race, culture, regions, religions, and time. Whether it’s curly, straight, covered, bejeweled, or… Read more →

If Jesus is REALLY a Healer Why Do I Need Counseling?

  #30DaysOfHonestyWithMyself-Day 4   As you may know MUCH of why I started One Parent Wonder was to help young and/or single parents find spiritual wholeness and emotional health so they can live WONDERful lives with their children. Well, today’s confession: I haven’t arrived in that area as much as I would’ve hoped. But I’ve decided that’s ok because I… Read more →

8 Millionaire Habits that Make Perfect Sense for Busy Moms on the Come-Up

Not too long ago I came to revolutionary conclusion that has been helping me reshape what I call normal life: I’m tired of being broke. (Deep. Right?)   I’m like sick and tired. Extremely, overwhelming, inconsolably, utterly, completely tired…as hell. Like 100-hour-work-week-tired. Sleep-when-I-die-tired. On-the-highway-at-night-with-the-heat-on-tired. I-watched-the-entire-Roots-series-in-one-sitting-tired. M.A.S.H.-marathon-tired. Am I the only person who can’t stay awake during a full episode of… Read more →